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Did you know…

  • You can select the heart icon to save your digital download for later if you don't have enough points now.

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    Save For Later ♥

    Select the heart icon next to your favorite songs, books, games, and more to save and download later. It's a great way to keep track of the items you're wishing for.

    For more information, explore our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • You can download an ebook up to 5 times and enjoy it on all your devices.

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    My Titles

    There are a lot of convenient download options for digital content:

    • You can download Audio Books and eBooks up to 5 times.
    • eMagazines have no download limits.
    • Games have no download limits for the first 21 days.
    • Music selections can be downloaded within 8 hours of redemption.

    For more information about downloading, explore our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Most digital downloads are compatible with Android, OSX, and Windows.

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    Device Compatibility

    • Android: Music, eBooks and Audio books are compatible with your device.
    • Blackberry: Music and eBooks are compatible with your device.
    • iOS: eBooks and eMagazines are compatible with your device.
    • Desktop (OSX and Windows): Music, Audio Books, eBooks and Video Games are compatible with your device.

    Make sure to explore our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about device compatibility.

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